Founded in 1995 by Sonia Isidro, Synergy is a family owned and operated business. Beginning with a passion for sharing the love of music, it expanded to include dance, drama and art classes. We provide you with a caring team of educators who are fully certified and qualified to teach their level of expertise. 

Synergy's dream is to bring music, dance, drama & art to everyone, at the highest standards of education and with the most affordable pricing! We also provide qualified members of our community with employment & financial security in a field that makes all their dreams come true!

Is to help make the world a better place by using the languages of the soul; music, dance, drama & art. By bringing these creative outlets to people of all ages, we tap into the essence of happiness. When people are happy, the world becomes a much happier place to live in. We grow as a caring community, automatically creating violence prevention, helping to create unity within the community. Synergy is doing this by providing our community with a loving environment where they can explore the different art forms all under one roof.
We now have over 1300 students and 2 locations. We offer music programs for all instruments, art, drama, theatre arts and dance classes. 
Synergy's caring educators believe that the student/teacher relationship is one of the most important ingredients to the success of any educational adventure. It is Synergy's goal to continuously develop new ideas on how to make classes both interesting and educational; understanding the human mind and the importance of music & the arts in our lives. Our teachers are trained to tailor each lesson based on the individual's needs and learning styles. 


Kristin Serrick

Music Director

Have a question about our music & art programs? Contact Kristin for more information. 

Marianne Power

Dance Director

Have a question about our dance & drama programs? Contact Marianne for more information. 


Administrative Manager

Any  admin inquiries, contact Irene.


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